Patient Testimonials

In February 2017 I had recently lost my job of 13 years and was dealing with health and anxiety issues. For years I had friends suggest I try acupuncture, knowing I prefer holistic medicine.
Upon walking into the AcuPUNKture clinic I felt instantly calm and welcome. Crystal was sincere and caring about what I was dealing with, both physically and emotionally. She explained what she was doing, each step, and what I could expect after. Each appointment she would show the same care and compassion, well beyond that of someone who was just out to make money. She was able to help heal old injuries that were nagging, ease anxiety issues and address allergies that were debilitating.
In August I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and Crystal became my main support in dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy. From dealing with nausea, pain, neuropathy and the emotional toll that cancer takes, she treated each issue with professionalism and made me feel like she was fighting the battle with me. I give Crystal credit in helping me overcome cancer in a miraculous amount of time, with minimal lasting side effects.
The last several months, Crystal has expanded the retail side of her business to include crystals, more nutritional supplements. This has been a wonderful addition and a great support to her treatments.
I have and will continue to urge my friends and family to look to Crystal for treatment. – E.H., 45 years old

On January 9, 2014 I fell and broke my left shoulder. Crystal treated me for my injury with great results. Crystal has treated me before for different needs with awesome effects. I truely recommend acupuncture treatments because they are a lifesaver and that is exactly what they have been for me.- Maria G., 74 years old

Crystal has a depth of knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine that shines through in every treatment she gives. An air of competency, skill and compassion comes with each visit and I always leave feeling the difference. Every treatment I had with Crystal left me feeling centered, relaxed and energetic. Her style is all her own and with her, you are always in good hands. -Melanie C., 30 years old

I have had numerous treatments by Crystal. I found her competent and compassionate. -John T. Evans, 99 years old

I have been getting acupuncture from Crystal for about 2 years and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I suffer from an array of diagnoses and symptoms including depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, hypothyrodism and candida. I have been struggling with these diagnoses for quite some time now. (Age 13 I  am now 22) I’ve exercised western medicine to the point where I found myself having more symptoms from the side effects of medications with very little results. Western medicine never fixed my problems or got to the root cause, it just masked my symptoms while causing more. In an attempt to find something more effective and safe I began acupuncture. When I started acupuncture with Crystal I instantly could feel a difference. From the moment my session was over and the needles were taken out I felt more relaxed and revived with more energy. Instantly I thought “this is the beginning to my journey of healing”. I finally found hope again. Western medicine has been so unsuccessful for me and in every direction I turned to get relief from my symptoms, it proved ineffective until I met crystal and was introduced to Japenese and Chinese medicine. I couldn’t be more ecstatic with the results I’ve been getting from my treatments.   I have seen a significant decrease in my anxiety and depression, my Bowel movements have been more frequent and consistent, and my hormones are more stable. In addition to exercise, and eating healthy my candida levels in my body have decreased and the symptoms associated with candida have decreased significantly as well. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the changes I have been seeing in my body. Crystal gave me hope when I didn’t have any. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone struggling with any type of problem. I have seen the results and changes first hand and I can honestly say it is worth it!! – Desiree M., 22 years old

I met Crystal a while back. She was very professional with treating me for wrist and back pain. I found her to be very pleasant and understanding to my needs. -Dave S., 49 years old